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Welcome to our website. RimindMe is a mobile application that coordinates your personal and professional schedule for you. As a real agent of your daily life, it allows you to manage your life with a masterful hand.

Thanks to RimindMe, organize your projects, your meetings and share directly with your friends and collaborators. Develop lists and record the tasks you need to accomplish while prioritizing them. But that’s not all! You can also schedule your medical treatment, save your passwords, schedule your invoices, note your loved ones’ birthdays and shopping list. So many features and more that you can discover by adopting the RimindMe application for free!

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Don't miss anything

Let's get powered by RimindMe mobile app and don't miss anything in daily life. Keep your reminders habits active always.


It's saying that You're where your mind is. So now be in present and plan for future with the help RimindMe.

Core strength

In today's fast pace life, It's very difficult to remember things but don't worry for your forgettable habits because you're now have your core strength i.e. RimindMe.

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Remember everything will be possible when you never forget everything. But in today’s fast paced environment it is very difficult to remember the doable things. But RimindMe will helps you to keep everything in mind.

Everything will be alright if you do the right things at the right time and it’ll be possible only when you don’t miss anything which is very essential in your daily life to do. So our aim is to keep you informed and alert about your to-dos always.

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